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Iowa mothers win shared birth certificate

Melissa and Heather Gartner, a married couple from Iowa, won a lawsuit Wednesday allowing them to list both their names on their two-year-old daughter Mackenzie’s birth certificate. Lambda Legal helped the women in the lawsuit, drawing on Varnum v. Brien, the case establishing marriage equality in Iowa. 

Here’s the Advocate’s rundown of what happened: 

Although the women were married under Iowa law before the child was born in November 2009, the state agency had refused to list both their names on the birth certificate, arguing that Melissa is not Mackenzie’s genetic parent. 

Judge Ovrom stopped short in her ruling of declaring a constitutional right for same-sex couples to be automatically named as parents on birth certificates, but she said that state administrators are bound to interpret law in light of the 2009 marriage equality decision from the high court. 

Unquestionably the right decision. Congratulations to a beautiful, deserving family. 

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If I can hear words clearly from the tv upstairs, it’s too loud, right?

It’s like they all have a shit load of sugar in them or something. Kids running around and yelling, “the man” is definitely there, pounding and other crap and .. and ..

This is just not the night to do this.. well, no night is - but I’m already down I don’t need to go down further. :(

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