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I finally told my husband how much hated the way the living room looked. I showed him a really bad drawing (cause I suck at drawing) of how I’d kinda like it to be. So we tried it with a few other changes he thought of as well. At first he was really unsure, he said it was the weirdest looking living room he had ever seen. - It’s got personality lmfao.

But I loves it and now he likes it too. :D YAYE!

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I just love him so muches.

C'mon, smile for me. Stop being sad.
No. I want you stay here. *pouty face*
Fine, you'll get attacked by the kissy monster.
What the hell is__
Hubs attacks me with kisses and I end up cracking up.
And if you're gonna put this on facebook, like you do everything else, at least say I did the kissy monster to make you feel better.
**we have a little tradition we do every night before he goes to work. It's weird but it always makes me feel better. We act like our dorky selves and the night begins.**

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its not rape??

VIRGINIA GOP STATE SENATE CANDIDATE: A MARRIED WOMAN CAN’T BE RAPED BECAUSE, AFTER ALL, ‘SHE’S IN A NIGHTIE’ | Next Tuesday, Virginia voters will decide whether they want to elect former state Rep. David Black as a state senator. Luckily for Virginians, Black has a substantial record by which to judge him. In 2005, Black proposed investigating all Virginians to see if any Virginians adopting a child were gay. He is also well-known for sending plastic fetuses to lawmakers to advertise his anti-abortion stance. He also fought to allow pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control, or what he called “baby pesticides.” But perhaps Black’s shining moment came when he stood against the prosecution of spousal rape cases in 2002 because, after all, “how on earth could you validly get a conviction in a husband-wife rape when they’re living together, sleeping in the same bed, she’s in a nightie,” he said. “There’s no injury, there’s no separation, or anything.” (HT: Jezebel)

^^I told my husband this - he rolled his eyes, walked back into the kitchen and said that dude is an idiot. 

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